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Mental Health - Adult Services



Addressing the mental health needs of adults is important to Lakes Regional and we would love to help. We are continuing to work towards a recovery-oriented system of care which focuses on a network of services and supports. This includes state-run behavioral health programs, community-based care, peer-run services, involvement with family and other support efforts that incorporate the values and principles associated with a healthy recovery.

We want all individuals to restore, rebuild and reclaim control of their lives by increasing their resilience and focusing on their strengths. Lakes Regional Community Centers offers many services to help.


Case Management
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorris NavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Primarily site-based services that assist an individual in gaining and coordinating access to necessary care and services appropriate to the individual's needs. Our staff will meet with individuals to provide monitoring of progress towards recovery goals and linkage to community resources.

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET)
Serving Kaufman County

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET) is a holistic, integrated program for treating the cognitive and psycho-social impairments found in chronic psychotic disorders. Along with coaching and group treatment experiences, CET includes a computer-based cognitive training module designed to improve core cognitive functioning in areas of attention, memory, and problem solving. Since CET is an integrated treatment approach, each piece is intended to complement the other treatment modalities. As a result, Cognitive Enhancement Therapy is a more intensive approach to the remediation of cognitive difficulties.

Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorris NavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Dedicated Counselors collaborate with individuals, couples, family, or groups with counseling to address trauma, depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health challenges. Our counselors work with the individual towards their identified goals to obtain their optimized wellness and recovery.

Depression Trauma Counseling
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsLamarMorris NavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Lakes Regional has developed and established three behavioral health Depression/Trauma Counseling Centers for individuals with a primary need for mental health screening and treatment for symptoms of depression and mental anguish or trauma. These Counseling Centers provides evidenced‐based services to individuals who do not meet requirements for state funded behavioral health services and do not have the resources for private care.

The Screening – Brief Intervention Referral and Treatment (S‐BIRT) evidence‐based tools to are used to identify risk behaviors for education and treatment referral. The project allows individuals currently receiving service in the behavioral health system to continue access to prescription service and appropriate therapeutic services. Evidence‐based individual and group counseling services are rendered by personnel trained specifically for Depression and Trauma screening and intervention.

InSHAPE Program
Serving Hunt, Kaufman and Rockwall Counties

InSHAPE is a health promotion program for individuals with mental illness. The goal of InSHAPE is to improve physical health and quality of life, reduce the risk of preventable diseases, and enhance the life expectancy of individuals with severe mental illnesses.

Studies show that individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder are at increased risk of chronic diseases including diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular disease, and nicotine dependence; and they have a lifespan that is 10-25 years shorter than the general population.

Each In SHAPE participant works with a trained health mentor to create a Self-Health Action Plan for Empowerment (SHAPE). This will include physical activity, healthy eating goals, and attention to medical needs. The mentor helps the participant implement his/her SHAPE plan by encouraging participation in a variety of activities that already exist in the community and attending the activities with the participant until he or she feels comfortable going alone.

Mobile Medical Unit
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsLamarMorris and Titus Counties.

Our Mobile Medical Unit allows clinical specialists to promote preventive health care through community screenings and education. The program was created with the belief that every person, regardless of financial means, deserves high quality, community-based, comprehensive care.

Peer Support
Serving DeltaHuntand Lamar Counties.

Lakes Regional is here to assist individuals in the process of recovery and working towards wellness. Our Peer Support Specialists will partner with you to help you have the life that you want on the other side of a diagnosis of mental illness.

Peer Support Specialists have lived experiences with mental health concerns. They demonstrate resiliency and determination in their own recovery efforts, providing support to individuals from someone who has “been there”. Peer Support Specialists serve not only as mentors but also as sources of hope and inspiration to individuals who are just beginning their journeys to recovery.

Skills training and recovery activities provided to individuals by individuals with lived experience.

Pharmacological Management
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorris NavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

This service is provided by a physician or other prescribing professional, and deals with the management of psychoactive drugs to treat the signs and symptoms of mental illness to promote safe and effective use of medications and to assist individuals in reaching their desired wellness and recovery goals.

Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorris NavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

A face-to-face interview with the individual and family to evaluate the individual’s psychiatric diagnoses and treatment needs.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorris NavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Our therapeutic team assists individuals to build strengths and focus on restoring their ability to develop and maintain social relationships, occupational or educational achievement. Individuals will gain knowledge and work towards successful independent living skills.

Skills Training
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorris NavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Training helps the individual deals with their symptom-related problems that interfere with their functioning. It provides opportunities for the individual to acquire and improve skills needed to function appropriately and independently, and facilitates their community integration.

Supportive Employment (SE)
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorris NavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Meaningful employment is an important part of each person’s life. Our Supportive Employment program helps an individual find real work in a community setting – matching their interests, skills, strengths and choices with a job. Through the assistance of Lakes Regional’s Supported Employment staff, capable, talented people with disabilities have the same employment opportunities as anyone else.

Supportive Housing
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorris NavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

We offer Supportive Housing which is a service to assist individuals in living independently in the community.

Texas Correctional Office on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments (TCOOMMI)
For Probation:   Serving DeltaFranklin and Hopkins Counties
For Parole:   Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsLamarMorris and Titus Counties.

The TCOOMMI program aims to reduce recidivism and enhance public safety by providing treatment services to offenders with mental health concerns.  The Lakes Regional Community Center's TCOOMMI program is a benefit to the community and individuals both.

Our TCOOMMI program provides FREE clinical mental health servces to select offenders on probation or parole.  Services can include counseling, case management, skills training, supported housing, supported employment, medication management and more.

TCOOMMI Continuity of Care Services:   For individuals who do not meet criteria for services, we offer a 90 day continuity of care program, in which we link individuals on probation or parole to community services and assist with supported employment service.

Medication Training and Support
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsHuntKaufmanLamarMorris NavarroRockwall, and Titus Counties.

Our team manages medication coordination and distribution for the individual. We will coordinate medication fill and refill requests through external pharmacies. Education is also provided to the individual and family on mental health disorder(s) and medications; provides monitoring of symptoms and side effects.

Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT)
Serving CampDeltaFranklinHopkinsLamarMorris  and Titus Counties.

Our well-trained staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide mobile crisis services and to prevent admission of an individual to a more restrictive environment. MCOT provides a combination of crisis services including emergency care, urgent care, and crisis follow-up and relapse prevention to any child, adolescent, or adult in the community.

MCOT is a state mandated program designed to go out into the community to aid individuals in mental health crisis. We meet people where they are--in their homes, on the streets, in the hospital, or in the shelters. We build a relationship with the person in crisis in order to bridge the gap into treatment. We strive to meet the physical needs of people so that they are then more inclined to trust us with their deeper needs.

MCOT serves a number of functions:

        • It serves as a step-down program from psychiatric hospitalization. We aid in reintegrating and working with individuals who no longer meet the criteria for hospitalization but still need intensive support.
        • We link individuals who do not qualify for mental health services but are in situational crisis with other community providers.
        • We are available to the community for crisis assessments when individuals will not leave their homes to come to mental health facility.
        • We are able to aid in admitting qualified individuals into mental health services or into the hospital.

Our overarching goal is to engage clients in treatment with a mental health facility or other community providers in order to reduce hospitalizations and inappropriate jail bookings. MCOT services may include crisis assessments in the community, crisis housing support, medication monitoring, needs assessment, and relapse prevention.