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Intervención en la primera infancia

Intervention From Birth To 36 Months.

Intervención en la primera infancia

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) ayuda a bebés y niños pequeños, desde el nacimiento hasta los 36 meses, con discapacidades o retrasos en su desarrollo. ECI apoya a las familias a través de educación y servicios familiares para ayudar a sus hijos a alcanzar su potencial.

Las familias y el personal trabajan en equipo para desarrollar un plan que describa los servicios para el niño y la familia. La mayoría de los servicios se brindan en el hogar o la comunidad para ayudar a los niños a aprender las habilidades básicas que forman parte de las rutinas diarias de sus familias. Los servicios se brindan en el hogar y la comunidad y ayudan a los niños a aprender habilidades básicas como parte de las rutinas diarias de sus familias.

This is typical development

I’m 3 Months old! I…

  • turn toward bright colors and lights
  • follow moving toys or faces with my eyes
  • recognize or know the bottle or breast
  • respond to loud or new sounds
  • reach for and grasp toys or hair
  • wiggle and kick with legs and arms
  • lift head and shoulders up while on stomach
  • smile back at parents or other family members
  • make sounds, like gurgling, cooing or babbling

I’m 6 months old! I…

  • turn toward voices
  • reach for toys and pick them up
  • roll over front-to-back and
  • back-to-front
  • play with toes
  • help hold bottle during feedings, if bottle fed
  • know faces of family
  • babble, squeal, and repeat vowel sounds, like ooh, -ae, -e
  • sit by leaning on hand

I’m 9 months old! I…

  • copy sounds or gestures
  • reach for crumbs or other small things with my thumb and fingers
  • move toys from one hand to the other hand
  • I straighten my arms to support myself when on my stomach
  • understand the word “No”

I’m 12 months old! I…

  • respond to my name
  • may be scared of strangers
  • look for an object if you hide it from me, even if I can’t see it
  • crawl on my hands and knees
  • pull myself to a standing position
  • walk by holding onto furniture
  • can drink from a cup with your help
  • enjoy playing games, like peek-a-boo or patty cake say one to two words

I’m 15 months old! I…

  • use gestures
  • like to look at pictures in a book
  • can hold a crayon in a fist hand toys to you when you ask me
  • can point to pictures you name, if the things in the picture are familiar to me walk alone without help

I’m 18 months old! I…

  • like to pull and push things
  • follow simple directions
  • pull off shoes and socks
  • feed myself sometimes
  • step off low objects and keep balance
  • turn two to three pages of a book at a time
  • can point to one body part
  • can name one object
  • like to copy your words or actions

I’m 21 months old! I…

  • can name two objects
  • like to pretend-play
  • can put together a simple
  • picture puzzle if it has only two or three large pieces
  • like to throw balls
  • like to play alone with toys for a short time
  • say “No” a lot

I’m 24 months old! I…

  • use two to three words together, like “No, Mommy” or “More cookies”
  • say names of toys and people
  • feed myself with a spoon
  • turn one page at a time
  • point to hair, eyes and nose
  • when someone asks me
  • show affection to family members and pets
  • run short distances without falling

I’m 36 months old! I…

  • answer simple questions
  • walk up steps, alternating feet
  • put my clothes on by myself
  • open simple containers
  • like to play with other children
  • repeat simple rhymes and songs
  • use three to five word sentences
  • name at least one color correctly
  • jump in place
  • express my emotions


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  • What is ECI? Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) helps babies and toddlers, ages birth to 3, with disabilities or delays in their development. ECI supports families through education and family services to help their children reach their potential.
  • What are ECI services? Families and staff work as a team to develop a plan outlining services for the child and family. Together they plan appropriate activities. Services are provided in the home and community settings and help children learn basic skills as part of their family’s daily routines.
  • How much do ECI services cost? State regulations require ECI to collect payment from you to help pay for your child’s services. You can pay for your child’s services in two ways: Use your or your child’s insurance (for example Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program [CHIP], TRICARE) ** and / or ** Make payment to ECI up to a monthly maximum charge Your payments to ECI cover the cost of services not paid for by insurance. This includes any co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles required by your insurance.
  • How much will I pay to ECI each month? The amount you pay to ECI will depend upon: 1. Your child’s foster care status 2. Your child having Medicaid 3. The type and amount of ECI services provided in the calendar month 4. The amount of money ECI received from your or your child’s insurance 5. Insurance co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles 6. Family size and income Click Here For More Information
  • How do I find ECI? Early Childhood Intervention of Lakes Regional Community Center serving Hunt County of Texas. If you’re not in this area call the DARS Inquiries line at 1-800-628-5115 to find your local program. For TDD dial 1-866-581-9328.
  • What happens after I call? You will be referred to a local ECI program. Your ECI program wil check your child for developmental delay and eligibility for enrollment in an ECI program. Once a child is enrolled, a family plan will be developed and services will begin. If the child is not eligible for ECI, staff will refer you to other resources.
  • What if my child is age 3 or older? Services are available for children and young adults with a disability (ages 3 to 21) through your local school district.
  • What is Lakes Regional’s ECI? We provides a wide range of services to individuals of all ages and their families. Our mission is to build stronger communities, person by person. In all of our programs we adhere to the following Quality Services principles: All persons seeking services will receive individualized supports based on their unique needs and strengths; Assisting and educating families and friends helps build a natural support network for each person; We must work continuously to eliminate any stigma associated with seeking services.


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Children with developmental disabilities can get services with Texas Early Childhood Intervention (ECI). ECI helps parents build an individualized service plan so their children can gain skills and meet their goals.

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Parents of children enrolled in Early Childhood Intervention should know their rights in order to protect their child and family. These rights are listed in the parent handbook and are explained with examples in this video.

Services for children could include:

  • Screenings and assessments, including hearing and vision
  • Specialized skills training
  • Physical, occupational, speech and language therapy
  • Activities to develop learning and eating skills
  • Activities to help social and emotional development
  • Assistive technology
  • Moving on to school or other services as needed at age 3 or when graduating from the program
  • Nutritional services
  • Supporting child care or preschool teachers of enrolled children

Services for families could include:

  • Education and counseling
  • Coordination of needed social and health services
  • Access to support groups

Llámenos para saber cómo podemos ayudarlo

Para obtener más información sobre los programas y servicios para adultos y niños con discapacidades intelectuales y / o de desarrollo, haga clic en el enlace "Buscar una ubicación" a continuación y seleccione la ubicación más cercana a usted. Estarás conectado a servicios confiables de la comunidad.Para obtener más información sobre programas y servicios para adultos y niños con discapacidades intelectuales y / o de desarrollo, llámenos al 877-466-0660. Presione 1 para inglés, luego 3.

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